Wednesday, October 23, 2013

"If everything did make sunse to us, it would be evidence that it had all been made up by a mortal mind." -Pres Uchtodrf 10/21/13

Bonjour Ma Famille,
Hope this letter isn't a letdown after the masterpiece last week.  Just kidding, but there's less to announce today.  Just lots of hard work this week and I loved it.  But what else is new?
Oh, there was a funny realization this week.  We had a "Best Two Years" moment.  So, Soeur Pagano is super into asking me tons and tons of questions and wants to know my opinion on everything.  Which, of course I'm willing to give...although I'm not quite sure how valid the advice is.  Anyways, this week she asked me a question, and as I started responding she demanded that I stop until she could grab something to write down my response on.  Apparently, she's been writing everything down all transfer.  She literally has enough sticky notes with quotes from me that she could make a novel, "The Mission According to Soeur Hulme".  So funny.  Haha, life of a trainer.
What can I tell you about the work here?  We are currently actively working with at least eight less-active members/families, several of which came to church yesterday.  We just started seeing a less-active young woman and are beginning to do personal progress with her.  We went out to lunch at a Chinese restaurant with the relief society and young womens presidents this week.  That was cool, we planned lots.  Sandrine came to church with all of her kids.  She was able to receive a blessing and we're doing a family home evening with her family later tonight.  Everything is going really well.  Lots of work, our days are packed.  I really love the people here and hope I'm able to stay in Besancon for a while (for the people and for the sake of my luggage).
There was a quote that I found recently that I really like.  President Uchtdorf said, "If everything did make sense to us, it would be evidence that it had all been made up by a mortal mind."  It has been really cool for me to be on a mission and to have the opportunity to study the gospel so much.  There are many things that I thought I understood before but that are much more clear now.  But, at the same time, I've realized that you won't have the answers to everything-- not just doctrinal questions, but also the "whys" of life.  However, I know that God's hand is in all of it.  I know that Christ directs His church just as he directs our lives.  And, even if we do not understand at the moment, we can cling onto our testimonies that Christ lives.  I know He is my Savior.
I'm so happy to be a missionary and am grateful for all of the love and support that I've received.  I'm also so thankful for all of the people that are blessings to my family at home.  I know there are many that have done so much for us, especially the past months that have been crazy for my family.  It gives me peace to know that you are all there.  Thank you! 
I love you all so much, have a great week!
Je vous aime,
Soeur Alisa Hulme

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