Monday, October 28, 2013

No French translation for "quarterback" can stump the teacher reading a story from the Liahona. 10/27/13

Bonjour Ma Famille,

Hope that you are all doing wonderful, c'est toujour comme ça ici.  Another crazy busy week.  I'm excited to announce that we got transfer calls and I'm staying here in Besancon again.  And, I get to stay with Soeur Pagano and finish the last six weeks of her training.  So fun!  Traveling is great, but I hope I'm able to stay put here a while longer.  I love it and Soeur Pagano is fantastic.

Random funny moment of the week... We're sitting in relief society and the instructor is reading a story from a talk in the Liahona, I believe it was David Beck's from the last priesthood session or something.  It had a story about a football team.  She was reading it and then got to this strange word... "quarterback".  Hmmm, everyone was stumped.  They came to the conclusion that it must have been someone important and left it at that.  I was laughing so hard and figured it wasn't the time to I'm not really sure that I have the vocab...or that the sisters would really care.

It has been another week absolutely full of less-actives.  I love working with these members, it totally opens my eyes.  It's very interesting working so closely with the branch president in such a small branch because I feel like I know everything about everyone.  And then, when meeting with all of the less-actives in their homes, they have been opening up so much.  Regardless of the reasoning for them becoming uninvolved in the church, whether it be testimony problems, other obligations, or being offended (oh my gosh, that one is the worst...literally half of the branch), there is such a need for them to come back.  Everytime we meet with these people, I just want them to see clearly.  They've literally already signed-up to have the most joy possible, but for one reason or another, they are making the choice to not accept it.  Not going to lie, sometimes the fact that people have their agency is really frustrating.  You meet with these people, hear their stories, and love them so much.  I want them to understand.  It's all about being converted to Christ.  We do everything that we do out of love for Him.  If you don't currently have that mentality and motivation, He's provided you a way to gain it.  And, it's not just about having a testimony, it actually requires actions.  Crazy concept.  The Gospel is not just about preclaiming your beliefs, it's about becoming a new person because of them.  Hmmm, sorry.  This could keep going, but I'll stop.  My little imput on the less-active situation.  We are seeing progress, it's definitely coming.  

I feel very blessed for these opportunities, though.  I can honestly say that one of the greatest things I've been learning during my mission is being patient and working well with people.  Whether it's less-actives, members, people on the street, or companions, the mission is the best for this.  Still working on it, but getting there. 

I hope you all have a great week.  Haha, reading your descriptions of the primary program made me laugh, they're my favorite.  And, I had a little burst of pride thinking of Liv giving a completely memorized talk.  Love it.  Love you all!

Je vous aime,
Soeur Alisa Hulme

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