Monday, May 5, 2014

"we tried out new ways to "trick" people into listening to us" 5/5/14

Bonjour Ma Famille,

We had a great week!

Miracles...we tried out new ways to "trick" people into listening to us.  

(role play with strangers)  We had a lesson coming up in the day but hadn't had time to do a role play and practice it.  So, we sat by a guy on the tram, told him we were missionaries, and asked him if we could role play one of our upcoming lessons with him (and threw in that he could correct our French person can refuse that).  Haha, it totally worked.  After a 45 minute lesson, we decided that we needed to do this more often.

(port in the pouring rain) It rained a lot this week.  Not complaining, it wasn't hot.  Plus, we saw miracles because of it.  I was on exchange and we were out contacting for only one hour and got let into two houses (mostly out of pity, but still...).  We had some great conversations and have new potential amis.

(show up early for rendez-vous) We had a rendez-vous fixed with an older lady in the ward to share a short spiritual message.  There was a miscommunication somewhere and we ended up being there an hour before she expected.  Not a problem, her non-member grandson was at her house and was willing to sit in on our lesson (conveniently switched to the restoration).

Other news this week, the relief society bailed on making food for our huge zone conference the day before.  Hence, we spent several hours that night baking a million banana bars.  Waste of time, yes.  Necessary, unfortunately.  Good thing they were delicious.

We planned another ward activity this last week.  I know it seems that we do this every couple weeks...that's because we do.  But, we're supposed to and they work really well.  Luckily, this one was way low key.  We had everyone bring food, board games, and their non-member friends.  Listen how weird French people are... I tried to explain to them the simple art of placing all of the food on a huge table, sharing it between everyone, and eating while playing the games.  This, of course, was an unimaginable proposal.  The French way... everyone brings their own food, plates, utinsels, drinks, and even table cloths, they set up camp on their separate family table, eat for an hour, and then move on to games.  Haha, oh well.  Let them be.

We had several really incredible lessons with amis this week, specifically with Alain and Jeremy.  This are becoming more and more clear for them and they are feeling the Spirit.  I love teaching and watching people change.  We are working really hard and seeing lots of miracles.  I love being a missionary!  Have a wonderful week, talk to you soon!

Je vous aime,
Soeur Alisa Hulme

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